Lives and works in Jerusalem and Paris

Nationality : French and Israeli

Born in 1981 in France 



Education :

Ecole des Beaux Arts in Nantes (France) : French Art School Degree, Four years

2005 :   D.N.A.P. (National Diploma of Fine Arts)

2003 :   C.E.A.P. (Fine Arts Certificate)


Solo Exhibitions :

2017 :   End of DNA, Fondation Emergie Mécénat, Gare de Lyon, (Paris).

2017 :   Territoires Passionnels / Territoires Rationnels, Le 100 (Paris).

2016 :   End of Dna, Xinhua Gallery (Paris).

2015 :   Allyah therapy, Beit Esther, jerusalem (Israel).

2014 :   Capharnaüm, Zographos Cultural Center,(Paris).

2013 :   Borderline- State Border, Beit Esther, jerusalem (Israel).

2012 :   Sharing Territories, Abu Gosh (Israel). 

2011 :   Israeli-PalestinianCreations,ZographosCulturalCenter,(Paris).

               Israeli-Palestinian Creations, Commune Libre d’Aligre,(Paris).

2010 :   SharingTerritories,Mr.ZographosCulturalCenter,(Paris).

               Sharing Territories, University of Bobigny, (France).

2009 :   Women,TheGIL,(Geneva,Switzerland).

               Crossed perspectives, Catholic Institute, (Paris).

2008 :   Israeli and Palestinian youths enduring the conflict, (Paris).


Group Exhibitions:

2018 :   Shop it, Haifa Museum of Art ( Israel)

2017 :   Dangerous Art, Haifa Museum of Art ( Israel)

               End of Dna, Gare de Lyon ( Paris) 

               End of Dna, Festival 12 x12 , Le 100 ( Paris)

               Digital Exartcise II, Festival Futur en Seine, ( Paris)

2016 :   Biennale de Venise , It's liquid group ( Italy).

               Festival Incubarte, (Valence).

2015 :   Spielart Festival, (Munich, Germany).

               Tohu Bohu, Xinhua Gallery, (Paris, France).

               Factory art project, ( Berlin, Germany) 

               Empire Hotel show, ( New York, United States).

               Turquoise Sky, Lala Gallery, ( New York, US).

2014 :   Empire Hotel show, ( New York, United States)

               Pixel of Identities, ( Istanbul, Turkey) 

               Parallel Shift, ( Nars Foundation. New York,  United States)              


2013 :   The story of the creative,  ( Angel orensanz foundation. New York, United States).

               Creative Rising, ( See me Gallery. New York, United States).

               Border Bodies, mixing cities, (Poland).

               Border Cities and new identities, ( Suceavia, Romania).

               Festival of contemporary vision, (Frienze, Italy).

               Liquid Cities & Temporary Identities, (Espoo, Finland).

               Sharring tables, (Haifa, Israel). 

2012 :   Arts Takes Miami, (Miami, United States).

               Corp(s)-respondence,  Memoire de l'avenir (Paris,France).

2005:    Arc sewing, Lieu Unique, Nantes,France).


Prize :

2015 :   Certificate of Excellence  Artavita Contest

               All Women Art Competition Special Recognition Category

2013:    Artslant Prize category Photography

Collections :  Private collections

                           Haifa Museum collection

Residency :

2014 :   Nars International Residency, NewYork(UnitedStates).


Bibliography :

2017 :   Art Premium Magazine cover page (F.R and U.S)

2016 :   Art Premium Magazine  section "we believe in"( F.R and U.S)

               Une philosophie à l’épreuve de la paix (FR)

2015 :   Peripheral ARTeries Art Review (U.S)

               365artists /365days (U.S)

2013 :   Dayonne art ( Italy) 

2012 :   Arts Takes Miami (U.S)


Participatory Artwork :   

Since 2005 : Sharing Territories (TDP): Creation concept launched in 2005 which consists in setting up an installation with which the public interacts. The final piece of artwork is obtained from artistic exchanges.


Urban art actions:

2011:    BubbleDream,(Jerusalem,Israel).

               Tent Agreement, (Jerusalem, Israel).

               Re-li-er, (Jerusalem, Israel).


Actions within institutions:

2011 :   The other in motion, Gan Saker, (Jerusalem).

2010 :   Dod Shemesh, Mur de réparation, (Jerusalem).

2009 :   The Stones, Abu Gosh Village, Jerusalem and Catholic Institute, (Paris).

2008 :   The wall of forgiveness, Beit-Esther Association, (Jerusalem).


Work experience in Art :

Since 2016

               Workshop at Opej Baron de Rotschild Organization

              - Establishment  of  art workshop with youth in difficulties

2012 :   Artist coordinator - French organization Mémoire de l’avenir : 

               - Art mediation workshop with Israeli and Palestinian women and creation of a cookbook. 

               Logo designer :

               - Department of the New York State Police Forecsic Science Laboratory. 

               Artist coordinator - Israeli organisation Bait Ham :

               - Directing, editing and subtitling of a short documentary.


Since 2010 :

               Founder, Coordinator and Artistic Director - Paris-Jerusalem Zellige organization –

               - Team coordination, planning of tasks, information monitoring (Paris/Jerusalem).

               - Establishment of workshops with Israeli and Palestinian children, adolescents and adults (Jerusalem).

               - Establishment of participatory street art actions (Jerusalem).

               - Organisation of a tour of magicians in Israel/Palestine (Association Magicien du Monde-Paris).

               - Setting up and organisation of exhibitions (Paris).


2006-2010 :

               Art & Mediation Coordinator - Beit Esther organization –

               - Establishment of artistic workshops with young people (Jerusalem, Sderot, Abu Gosh) and mentally ill adults                    (Jerusalem).

               - Setting up of exhibitions (Jerusalem, Paris, Grenoble).

               - Support and development of photo workshops with young Israelis and Palestinians (Paris/Lyon).

         - Implementation of the project "Regards Croisés "(Crossed Perspectives) with French, Brazilian, Israeli and Palestinian teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds: facilitating photo/video workshops (Jerusalem/Salvador de Bahia), creating a short film (Salvador), establishment of exhibitions (Paris). - Organization of seminars "Thinking the Other." 



2017 :    Art and mediation, Abu Gosh, UEJF and S.O.S Racism organization

2015 :    Artistic Mediation in a zone of conflict, University of Paris 5

2011:     Artistic Mediation in a zone of conflict, by PI4 Doctoral College, Jerusalem.

                Territory Sharing Conference, the subject and the institution, University of Geneva. 

2010:     Territory Sharing and Zellige's house of artists symposium of magazine L’Autre: Arts care, Bordeaux.